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How Free are You Allowing Yourself to Be?

Today is Made in the USA Day, Thursday is Independence Day, and the short work week means most US workers have more freedom than normal this weekend – four days off instead of two. Today, let’s talk about freedom from a slightly different perspective – let’s talk about the freedom you either do or don’t allow yourself to feel.

  • Have you ever come up against something that felt unfair to you, and you rebelled? That’s you, allowing your freedom.
  • Have you ever been in a situation where you felt intimidated, maybe because of an authority figure? That’s you, disallowing your freedom.

America was formed because of those two different approaches to freedom. Ours is a country created through civil, then not-so-civil, disobedience. The words “free” and “freedom” crop up in our foundation documents eight times – four times in the Declaration of Independence, 3 in the Bill of Rights, and once in the Constitution. As a nation, it’s in our genes to want to live our freedom. Yet it’s also very human to limit our own freedom because we don’t believe in ourselves.

How often have you said, either aloud or inside your head, things like, “I’m not good enough,” or “I can’t do that,” or “I wish I was smarter/thinner/more outgoing/etc.”? That’s you, limiting your own freedom because you don’t believe in yourself. Our inner dialogue acts as our own personal barbed wire fence, holding us back from trying new things or learning new things by pointing out what we think is wrong with us.

What if THAT is what’s wrong with us?

When we believe the voice inside our head without challenging it, we limit our own freedom. What if we got rebellious instead? What if, instead of saying, “I can’t be a drummer” you order an online drumming course and a djembe drum? Oh, wait…that’s me and the rebellion I did a couple of weeks ago.

What’s your rebellion? What’s one limiting belief you can rebel against this week? How can you teach yourself that you can stretch and grow in a direction you dream of, and no matter what happens, you’ll be fine, and you might even have fun? If you need a little help rebelling against your limiting beliefs, here are three episodes of the world’s second-shortest podcast for inspiration:

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Go ahead – declare your independence from one limiting belief this week. Which one will it be? You decide, and if you’re ready to go public, share it here with me. I’ll cheer you on and provide a not-professional, sort of steady-ish, drum beat to get you motivated and having fun. You rebellious person, you!

Sandy Weaver
Program Director & Chief Wagalicious Officer

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