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Do You Believe in Your Dream?

To start the new year off on the right foot, I attended a presentation about setting intentions and committing to them. Around the halfway point, when he had walked us through a couple of exercises, the speaker asked us to say aloud, “I am committed to my goals.” Throats opened and the room rang with loud, happy voices. Then he asked us to say, “I believe in my ability to achieve my goals.”

Totally different story. The response was more of a group mumble as people said words about themselves that they didn’t believe. The speaker then mentioned the late MLK Jr., asking us if social change would have happened had his level of commitment in the “I Have a Dream” speech been the same as what we just demonstrated.

The point was made – in order to lead and effect change, in order to achieve our own personal goals, and in order to be believed when we speak, we need to embody commitment. It can be tough to believe in ourselves –...

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What are You Expecting?


What are you expecting? And if you answered “a baby” congratulations, and that’s not really what I meant.

When you walk through the hospital doors in the morning, what are you expecting?

If you feel excited because you know it’ll be a day of interesting challenges faced with a great team, then you’re in the sweet spot.

If you feel stress because you know it’ll be a day of interesting challenges and you wonder if you’ll all be up to those challenges, you’re where a lot of veterinarians are.

And if you feel dread because you know the day will be full of things or people that make you feel bad, then it’s time to reach out for help. I know I know…it’s hard to ask for help.

You’re human and you’re great at so many things but nobody expects you to be great at everything. Was there a buddy in vet school you could reach out to? A current colleague or friend? The people at Not One More Vet?

You’re not alone...

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Why Do I Feel Like an Imposter?


Imposter syndrome is where someone feels like they’re in over their head. Is that you sometimes? Do you feel like you’re not good enough, or you’ll be found out and kicked out? Remember these important things about you – you have jumped through all the hoops necessary to get to where you are. You studied hard, passed tests and practicums and internships and boards and you earned your place exactly where you are. You are not an imposter, you’re impressive!!

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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