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Trying to Reason With Hurricane Season

Are you a Jimmy Buffet fan? A full-on Parrothead? Or maybe you’re someone who never understood the appeal of a man who wore loud shirts, shorts, and performed barefoot in front of thousands of adoring fans?

It doesn’t matter where you land on the Beach Balladeer’s spectrum of fandom, you’ve probably lived through a figurative hurricane season or two in your life, and maybe even been in the path of one or two literal hurricanes. It’s Hurricane Season 2024 from now through the end of October, and again this year, there will be people who will try to reason with hurricane season. Literal hurricanes, yes – and figurative ones, too.

Let’s use this Jimmy Buffett song as a springboard to talk about the very human trait of trying to control things that are completely uncontrollable. When a particularly stubborn person realizes their attempts at control have failed, they often try their hand at bargaining or even digging in their heels, adamantly...

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What Do You Want? When Do You Want It?

control election local vote Nov 07, 2023

Welcome to Election Day 2023. Though the news today is largely about who’ll be which party’s candidate for Election Day 2024, did you know that what and whom you vote for today could be far more important to your daily life than the votes you cast a year from today?

What do you care about?

  1. The quality of schools for your children, grandchildren, and your property value?
  2. The quality of roads in your region?
  3. The speed limit in your neighborhood?
  4. The resources available for crime and fire prevention in your town?
  5. What you pay for electricity, water, gas, health insurance, car insurance, property insurance, and property taxes?
  6. If you live in a state that collects income tax, how your tax dollars are spent?
  7. The types of subjects that are and are not taught in your schools?
  8. The types of intoxicating substances that are allowed to be sold?
  9. What else is legal, illegal, and how the laws are enforced at a city, county, and state level?
  10. If you live in Virginia, Rhode Island, or...
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The Fix is In!


Are you feeling boxed in by life or maybe like you’re tethered to something when all you really want to do is run? I can relate – Mom’s a stickler for keeping me on a leash when it would be soooo much more fun to runrunrun like a crazy dog! Here’s the weird thing – usually when humans are feeling boxed in and think they can’t fix something they’re trying to fix the wrong thing. Focus on what you can fix – your way of looking at something. Focus on that because you can control that. Fix what’s in your power to fix and let worrying about the rest of it go.

I’m Kacey and I loooooove veterinarians!

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