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Uncertainty creates stress.
Not knowing what you don't know creates stress.
Wondering if you're on the right path creates stress.
Stress is not an ingredient for success!

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Customized Caring

What challenges your team most? We customize our in-person and virtual programs to meet and address those challenges. Communication problems? Covered. Attitude adjustments? Achievable. Staff friction? Fixable. And we always - always - always recommend a QPR Gatekeeper training. Even if everyone on your team has taken the free, online course, nothing compares to a live session, and nothing empowers your staff more than knowing their coworkers have their back.

Our focus is on veterinarians and their teams.

We understand the unique people drawn to the veterinary field, and also the unique stresses inherent in the field. Your team will feel heard, understood and cared for because they will be. Center for Workplace Happiness programs are designed to address issues that drive a high rate of suicide and empower teams to watch out for each other, know how to spot the signs and intervene when and if needed to avert a crisis.

In Person Training

When you're ready, we're there - in-person training that'll rock your team in a good way! Nothing is better than customized, in-person programs. All current best-practices are followed to ensure the safety of you and your team.

Virtual Training

Your team deserves the highest-quality virtual training, so our Program Director is a dual-certified virtual presenter. Engaging, interactive and fun are a few words your people will use to describe the experience.

On-Demand Training

For non-customized and still very effective training sessions, try our on-demand learning options. These programs are our most popular offerings and are available with bulk pricing discounts. On-demand programs make great gifts!

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