Are Your Team Members Strong or Weak?


Are you surrounded by strong people or weak ones?

A great way to discover the answer is to hear how they talk to others. Strong people offer uplifting comments, offer help in a non-condescending way and talk well about their colleagues even when they’re not around. Weak people gossip, tattle-tale and belittle their co-workers.

If you’re the leader, it’s up to you to help the weak people grow stronger. Everyone can grow and change, and if you’re working with people willing to grow, then helping them grow stronger helps strengthen your team too.

I’m Sandy Weaver and just like Kacey, I love veterinarians!

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Become a Model Leader


Great relationships – like great marriages – happen because people choose where to focus. People get along for a while and then they start noticing things they don’t like. Instead of focusing on what they do like, they get fixated on what they don’t like. Before you know it, feuds are happening on the team, feelings are getting hurt, and more accidents and absenteeism plague your hospital.

Here’s a way to help get your people focused on each other’s strengths – praise one person a day behind their back. Tell the receptionist how good the kennel manager is at following each pet’s protocol. Tell a technician who’s assisting you what a great job the hospital manager does at juggling the schedule.

Make sure the praise is true, and that the people you tell and those you praise change daily. By demonstrating how you focus on your team’s strengths you model great behavior for your staff.

I’m Sandy Weaver and just like Kacey,...

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Are You an Adapter or a Leader?


Are you an adapter or a leader?

Adapters are chameleons – they scope out the lay of the land and blend in. Leaders scope out the lay of the land, see what needs doing and set about doing it. That’s why you often hear people say that certain leaders have great vision – they’re on the lookout for ways to improve processes and the people who implement them.

Great leaders support the people who get things done while adapters often throw their people under the bus when the going gets tough. When you support your people and encourage their professional growth you create a team that has your back. And that’s especially important during a crisis. 

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