It's Today...and It's Not Today

Uncategorized Nov 29, 2022

Happy Giving Tuesday! You will probably be hit up a lot today, if you haven’t been already, by people asking for money for a good cause. Donating money to worthy causes is part of the Giving Tuesday mission and is a long way from all of it.

Today is the 10th Giving Tuesday, so it’s still pretty new. Non-profits were quick to catch on and tie donation requests to the concept, so if that’s all you know about Giving Tuesday, can I share more? Giving Tuesday isn’t just about today and money, it’s about reminding you that every day can be Giving Tuesday, and any kind of giving is perfectly appropriate.

  • Random Monday in March, and you complimented someone on their smile? Happy Giving Tuesday!
  • Kind of a blah Thursday in May, and you helped an elderly neighbor carry their groceries into the house? Happy Giving Tuesday!
  • Sweltering Saturday morning in July and you donated blood? Happy Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday was designed for all these kinds of giving, and every other random act of radical kindness you can think of. If you want ideas, the Giving Tuesday website is chock-full of them!

There are lots of ways to give, and here’s something many people don’t know – when you give in any way that’s comfortable to you, you benefit at least as much as the recipient. When you make someone else smile, both of you get the hit of dopamine and endorphins that are the body’s natural “happy drugs.” One of the ways I give is to share mental wellbeing tips that truly work and cost nothing to implement. I share them on my blog, social media, and the Tiny Bites podcast. Yesterday was the 500th episode of the Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites podcast, and it’s so fun to hear from people who listen and benefit from the stories and ideas. That feedback feeds my soul and makes my heart sing. Thank you for celebrating Giving Tuesday when you gift me with your feedback!

Feeling powerless? There’s a Tiny Bite for that!

Feeling unworthy? There’s a Tiny Bite for that!

Need permission to follow your heart? There’s a Tiny Bite for that!

The Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites podcast is the world's second-shortest podcast, 90 seconds or less, and it comes out every day at the Center for Workplace Happiness website and wherever you listen to podcasts. I did the math – 500 episodes = 45,000 seconds or 750 minutes or 12.5 hours of free-to-you, free-to-use tools to enhance your mental wellbeing, happiness and success.

As you move through your Giving Tuesday, remember that every day of the year can be Giving Tuesday. When you remember to focus on the good you can do in the world, the world becomes a better place, one good deed at a time.

Wags, Sandy Weaver, Program Director, Center for Workplace Happiness

PS...looking for something different to give your clients, teammates or family members this year? Check out the personal development courses and books available through the Center for Workplace Happiness. Need a bunch? Enjoy generous bulk discounts!  


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