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Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites - Give Yourself a Good Talking-To

Do you ever have days where you feel powerless? Talk yourself into your power.


When you’re feeling frustrated with a situation you can’t resolve, sad about something you can’t change, or even depressed about where you are in life, find a place where you can give yourself a good talking-to. A loving talking-to, out loud, is just what you need to remember just who you are.

When you’re alone, start talking, reminding yourself of the achievements you’ve made in your life so far. Reminding yourself of the good you put out into the world on a daily basis. Reminding yourself of the love and loyalty you give to those who are important to you. Keep talking until you don’t feel powerless, you feel powerful. You remember who you are. You know what’s in your power to change and what isn’t, and you remember to let go of what you can’t change and focus on what you can.

Talk yourself into your power on a daily basis – it’s a great habit to create!

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