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Where Your Focus Truly Serves You

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2022

It is SO easy to focus on what’s wrong. We’re taught to focus on a problem in order to find a solution, and that’s a fine way to go about solving issues in your own life.

When you take that intelligence and intuitive knowing that you have for yourself and your own life and try to impose it on the lives and behaviors of others, that’s when you’re out of your lane and out of your depth.

Fix what you’d like to fix in your own life and let others fix what they’d like to fix in theirs. You’re not living their life and you’re not in charge of them, so let them make their mistakes and let them learn from those mistakes.

Your life will be so much more peaceful when you remember that you’re not responsible for fixing all the problems in the world, just your own. 

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Creating that "New Love" Feeling Anytime You Want It

Uncategorized Oct 10, 2022

Oh, new love – is there any better feeling than that?

The reason love feels so good is that we are choosing to see the best in the other person and daydreaming of how wonderful the next meeting will be. That’s easy to do when love is new, and tougher the longer you’ve been exposed to the not-so-best in the other person.

No matter how wonderful your new love seems, remember they’re human – inevitably, there’ll be some not-so-good pieces to being with them. Choose to see the best, anyway.

When you do, you keep that “newly in love” feeling for a long time. And can do this with your co-workers, neighbors, baristas...everyone!

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With Appreciation for the Wisdom of Maya Angelou

Uncategorized Oct 09, 2022

Maya Angelou said, “Remember – every storm runs out of rain.”

How many literal rainstorms have happened during your lifetime? Hundreds? Thousands?

The only way the number could be that high is because each storm subsided and the sun came out.

That’s a literal version of what happens in life emotionally, too. In the depths of sadness or frustration or a sense of failure, remind yourself that every storm runs out of rain, and this one will, too. 

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The Dandelion Effect for the Win!

Uncategorized Oct 08, 2022

Everything is beautiful. Everything. It’s up to you to look at in a way that highlights its beauty, not its flaws.

Every neighborhood has that one yard filled with dandelions, threatening to scatter their floating seeds all over everyone else’s pristine lawns.

If you have one of the pristine lawns, you could be irate with your neighbor the dandelion farmer or you could remember how magical it felt as a child to make a wish and blow that round ball of fairy-seeds out to make your wish come true. Or you could look at the not-so-secret life of dandelions and appreciate how they feed bees, keeping them alive and thriving so they can pollinate other, more desirable flowers, fruits and vegetables.

Make it a habit to mentally highlight the beauty of things instead of the irritants or ugliness of them, and feel the contentment that will bring into your life. 

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Are You the Judge of the Universe?

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2022

Do you find yourself evaluating the actions of others? The way they dress, talk, look?

We’re not born judgmental, yet many of us turn out that way to one degree or another.

Think about a time when you felt judged – it’s not a good feeling, is it? Maybe you even felt as if you needed to explain yourself…ouch! Sit in that feeling for a moment, and then ask yourself this question – do you want to make others feel that way?

It’s not your job to be the judge of the universe. That’s exhausting because you’ll always see people not doing what you think they should be doing. They have their life to lead and you have yours.

Give yourself the freedom to NOT judge others – you’ll be surprised at how much energy you’ve been giving to something that’s not your job. 

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The Down Side of Dealing with Human Beings

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2022

Has someone been unkind to you today?
Has someone tried to manipulate you today?
Has someone lied to you today?

Since you’re dealing with human beings, you’ve probably experienced some level of all of those behaviors today, unless you’re reading this right after waking up.

You can’t control how other people behave, even those who are related to you. You can control what you’ll put up with in your life, and how other people’s bad behavior will affect you. Start by remembering who you are, why what you do matters, and how much value you give to others through the things you do each day.

Be polite and unmoved by those who do wrong things to you. They have no power over you.


When you take away your emotional reactions to their bad behavior, you gut their ability to control you. 

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Contrarian Leadership Advice

Uncategorized Oct 05, 2022

Are you a team leader and want to inspire your team? There are a lot of leadership coaches who’ll tell you to always present a strong, confident face to your team.

I disagree.

Let your team see you struggle.
Let them see you fail.
Let them see you dust yourself off and try again.

Let them see you being human, admitting your foibles, asking for help and triumphing.

When you think about it, doesn’t the hero of every great story have a mission, go through tough times, and yet we root for their success and cheer for them when things turn out right?

Be that boss. Be the one the team rallies around, roots for and will follow through the fire. Be that leader. 

Want more? Click here for a free audio course, "Happiness is an Inside Job" 

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Shaping Your Life by Training Your Brain

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2022

No one can see past their own expectations.

This is neuroscience in action – have you ever had this happen? You buy a new car and suddenly you see your car everywhere – maybe a different color, but it’s the same car you just chose. That’s your brain, reinforcing your decision to buy that car.

There are far too many things around you that your brain notices for you to take them all in, so your brain concentrates on the ones it feels are most relevant to you. So if you expect – even at a nearly unconscious level – that traffic will be bad, then you’ll notice the places where you have to slow down. If you expect – even at a nearly unconscious level – that the person at the counter will be grouchy, your brain will help you choose the grouchy person to deal with.

What you expect out of your day and your life, your brain will do its best to deliver to you. Expect the best – you deserve it, and your brain will help you get...

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How to Fall in Love With Yourself

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2022

How do you define yourself?

Have you ever thought of what you think of you? Take an uninterrupted 15 minutes or so and write down words you hear your brain say about you. Then see if you can find a gentler, kinder, more loving way to say the same thing.

For example, I remember sitting at the back of the 4th grade classroom after moving from Germany to Georgia, the new kid in the class once again, feeling like all the kids were staring at me, judging me and not liking me. I decided I must not be good enough to be their friend.

What if, instead of deciding I wasn’t good enough, I had been excited about meeting new friends and learning what we had in common? Can you feel how much kinder and more fun that would have been? Can you do that same exercise for yourself?

If your brain tells you things like “you’re not smart enough” talk back to it and say “I enjoy the process of learning new things.” Reframe the words you allow your brain to say to you and...

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Letting Go of What You Can’t Change

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2022

Does your brain keep chewing on something that’s outside of your ability to change?

I remember when Dad was in the final stages of Alzheimer’s and my brothers and I made the difficult decision to take away his car keys. I bought his car, and though he was OK with it at first, he came to believe that I stole his car. He began to look at me with hatred in his eyes and the last time I saw him he was yelling at me to get out of his hospice room.

Did it sting? Yes. Did I internalize his anger at me? No, because his brain was broken.

He wasn’t able to process things clearly, and I was. I could have let his anger chew on me and upset me. Instead, even though it hurt when he glared accusingly, I reminded myself that it wasn’t his rational brain in charge, it was his broken one, and it made the only connection it could. I didn’t let my brain keep chewing on the unfairness of his disease and the pain it was causing me. I couldn’t change it, so I loved him...

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