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Decision Fatigue


If I have to make one more decision today I’m gonna snap!! Do you ever feel that way, too? Squeaky ball or bungee snake? Nap in the crate, on the kitchen tile floor or on the couch? Sheesh…so many things to decide!

Decision fatigue is a thing – really! I’ve heard Mom tell people about how decisions become harder the later in the day it becomes…maybe that’s why humans sometimes decide to sleep on something important before deciding.

If you feel like you’ve made too many decisions, it’s probably because you have. Delegate what you can, delay what you can and only deal with what you feel good about dealing with. Tomorrow morning you’ll be rarin’ and ready to decide better.

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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Bullies in the Hospital


Do you have a staffer in your hospital who’s a bully? Sadly, that’s very common in veterinary hospitals and is very destructive for morale.

It’s like when mom and I go to the park for a walk and that big border collie stares at me really hard – it makes me nervous and it’s hard to concentrate. That’s how your people feel when a staffer bullies them – they’re always on edge and even a bit unfocused.

This is true about bullies – they are that way because they are insecure. When Mom works with hospital teams that have a bully, she encourages them all to share what they appreciate about each other. When you focus on what’s good about team members even the bully feels heard, seen and appreciated. 

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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Awesome Affirmation Creation


Do you have an affirmation that pumps you up?

When I want to feel energized and fun I squeak a squeaky toy and howl at it – bonus, it makes mom laugh a lot!

What can you say to yourself when things aren’t working quite right to remind yourself how awesome you are? Mom reminds herself that things always work out for the best – and then they always do!

Affirmations work to keep you focused on the best part of you and your life instead of letting that little voice in your head remind you of failures. Today take a few minutes to come up with a sentence you can use anytime to lift your spirits. Words have power so pick ones that feel powerful to you. 

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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Appreciate You


Some days do you feel unappreciated? Who knew mom would be so upset when I brought her that pretty red leather shoe. I only chewed it a little bit and I did give it to her…sheesh, you’d think I started world war three or something!

Anyway, if you’re feeling unappreciated too, give yourself a little present. Buy some flowers for your desk or your kitchen at home…download a new book to read or listen to…go get a decadent coffee. Appreciate yourself and don’t worry about whether anyone else appreciates you or not. Here’s a secret – they do, but they’re human and forgot to tell you that.

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians.

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Are You an Adapter or a Leader?


Are you an adapter or a leader?

Adapters are chameleons – they scope out the lay of the land and blend in. Leaders scope out the lay of the land, see what needs doing and set about doing it. That’s why you often hear people say that certain leaders have great vision – they’re on the lookout for ways to improve processes and the people who implement them.

Great leaders support the people who get things done while adapters often throw their people under the bus when the going gets tough. When you support your people and encourage their professional growth you create a team that has your back. And that’s especially important during a crisis. 

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Creating and Supporting Great Relationships


Great relationships happen because people choose where to focus. People get along for a while and then they start noticing things they don’t like. Instead of focusing on what they do like, they get fixated on what they don’t like. Before you know it, feuds are happening on the team, feelings are getting hurt, and more accidents and absenteeism plague your hospital.

Here’s a way to help get your people focused on each other’s strengths – praise one person a day behind their back. Tell the receptionist how good the kennel manager is at following each pet’s protocol. Tell a technician who’s assisting you what a great job the hospital manager does at juggling the schedule. Make sure the praise is true, and that the people you tell and those you praise change daily.

By demonstrating how you focus on your team’s strengths you model great behavior for your staff. They'll get it and they'll do it, too.

I’m Sandy Weaver and just like...

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Smiling the Best Smile


Aren’t smiles cool? Even us dogs smile and humans know just what we mean when we do. Mom knew a dog a loooong time ago who squinted like crazy when she smiled – she used her whole face!

Do you use your whole face when you smile? You know you do when those little muscles at the outside of your eyes make you squint a little bit too – those are the best smiles on humans and on dogs.

Next time you smile, make sure your eyes are smiling too. You’ll be flooding yourself and the person you’re smiling at with feel-good endorphins.

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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Addicted to the News?


Are you addicted to the news? Mom sometimes calls me Bad News, so maybe she’s addicted to me!

Some people are addicted to the news – they listen all the time and worry about what they hear. There’s a difference between being informed and being marinated in the drumbeat of bad news. You can check your favorite news outlet while brushing your teeth in the morning, get caught up, and move on with your day. Keep news reports in perspective – remember, by definition, news is something abnormal that happens. Most of the world is blissfully normal – marinate yourself in the good things in your life, not the news.

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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Want to be Fascinating? It's All About Learning


What new thing are you learning? Does it excite you? I love to learn new things – mom says I’m a fast learner with a short attention span. Someday I’ll learn what she means by that. Anyway, learning is great – it keeps you focused and fascinated.

In your work you probably learn something new pretty often but that’s not what I’m talking about – learn something that might not even have anything to do with animals. Maybe it’s a new language or how to knit or even golf – learning something new is a great way to decompress and de-stress.

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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Are You in Your Workplace?


Look around your workplace – are you there? If you looked around my place you’d see stuffed toys, a hard rubber chew or two and you’d know I’m a dog that loves toys. When people look around your workplace do they know what you love?

If you love kayaking, do they see pictures of rivers you’ve been on? If you love the ocean do they see seashells? If you love travel do they see pictures of the places you’ve been? Celebrate you at work – decorate your workplace with pieces of your life besides your work.

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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