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That Chameleon Feeling


Nope...not a post about exotic animal practice! :D

Do you ever feel like a chameleon – you know, like you have to change yourself to fit in with those around you?

When I go to the dog show, most of the other Siberians are grey and white and some of them raise an eyebrow at my red coat. Who cares – I love my red hair!

If you’re working with or living with people you believe you have to hide your true self from, that has to feel really bad, and maybe even scary sometimes.

It might feel hard, but you have to be true to you – don’t trade away your authenticity for the approval of others. Be you – you might be pleasantly surprised by the love and support you’ll find.

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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That Frumpy Feeling


Are you feeling frumpy today?

My Poodle brother likes to chew on my ears and sheesh – the hair behind them just won’t lay down right when he does that!

Maybe you’re having a bad hair day, too? Or maybe you feel like you’ve added a few pounds or like the scrub color you’re wearing washes you out.

Here’s something to try – give yourself a compliment. Make it something you can believe, something you know is true about you – got it? Good – now go find a mirror and look yourself in the eyes as you give yourself that compliment a few times in a row.

Reminding yourself of your strengths can banish that frumpy feeling fast!

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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Do I Deserve This?


What do you deserve?

Really think about the things you want in life and then ask yourself, “do I deserve this?”

Now and then Mom brings home a new toy – wow! I might have a moment of “what did I do to deserve this?” and then I start playing with that toy like there’s no tomorrow.

You might feel like you don’t deserve to reach your dreams – have the house you want, or the partner you want or the children you want – and you would be wrong.

You deserve everything your heart can find to want, and more. You are probably the main person standing in your way to feeling deserving. When you think about what you want and ask “do I deserve this” answer out loud – "Heck Yeah, I do!!!"

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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Keeping Your Power


Are you looking to others for validation, love and respect? When you get it, it feels great, doesn’t it?

How about when you say something and expect a positive response, but are met with a flat or negative reply? Not so good, right? And then how do you feel? Less than? Hurt? Angry? Defensive? Maybe a little bit of all of that?

Do you know why you feel that way? Because you gave your power away. It’s not anything the other person did, and believe it or not, their reply probably had more to do with the kind of day they were having, not about you at all!

When you feed yourself – when you give yourself positive messages, validation, love and respect – you hold on to your power, and feel great a lot more often!

I’m Sandy Weaver and just like Kacey, I love veterinarians!

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Trust Yourself, then Take It On


Do you trust yourself?

Seriously, do you know deep in your solar plexus that in an emergency you can handle whatever needs handling?

Think about it – in your life so far, you’ve handled everything that life’s thrown at you. Sure, some of those things weren’t fun while they were happening – look back now and I bet you can see how they were growth opportunities for you.

Next time you’re thinking about something that’s stressful – something you’ve never done before or something you dread doing – take a deep breath and remember – you’ve got this. You always have and you always will.

Then take it on!

I’m Sandy Weaver and just like Kacey, I love veterinarians!

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Choices Choices Choices!


Choices, choices, choices – do you have a tough time making choices?

Will I play with the stuffed squeaky ball all by myself or will I play tug of war with my Poodle brother and the flat fox? Hard choice sometimes!!

Do you put off making a choice hoping the “right” choice becomes obvious? Not making a choice is actually a choice – you’re choosing to let the universe or higher power or whoever you’ve given the power to take care of it.

When you make a choice, it’s just a choice for now. You can always make another choice later. Take the pressure off of making choices – it’s all good!

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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Wisdom from a Jimmy Buffet Song


You have a tough job some days. Rude clients, no-show staffers and patients who are afraid of you and who sometimes, no matter what you do, have the nerve to go and die on you.

And then sometimes you have to help them die, and that’s hard even when you know what a gift you’re bestowing on their poor tired bodies.

There’s a song by Jimmy Buffet that has great advice for you on days like that – it’s called Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On. When you have a tough day, remember those six words.

Breathe in, breathe out, move on.

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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Yum, Yum, Eat 'Em Up!


Do you eat enough food each day? I don’t think there’s any such thing as “enough food” but Mom disagrees!

Your brain needs over 300 calories a day just to run your body – more if you want it to do things like make decisions, sing and dance or spay that cat that was dropped off this morning.

If you skip breakfast and skimp on lunch, you’re asking your brain to do the impossible – sustain your body while making complex executive decisions and accessing your memory and motor skills all day.


Eat enough.

Eat good, nutritious food, just like you tell your clients to feed your patients the right way. Take care of yourself like you want your patients taken care of – eat enough food.

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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The Power of an Apology


Do you sometimes say something you wish you hadn’t said? Words are like arrows – once they’re out, they’re gone and you can’t take them back.

I growled at my Poodle brother the other day and he was sooooooo sad! I thought he’d sulk all day.

Whether you do it as soon as the words are out or do it later when you’re calmer, it’ll make you feel better if you apologize for saying words that might have hurt someone’s feelings. If other people heard what you said, try to apologize when those other people are there, too.

Sincere apologies make you look strong, not weak, to those who hear them, and they make you feel a lot better too.

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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Get a Slow Jump on a Great Day


How do you feel when you get up in the morning?

I’m rarin’ to go – Mom is slow as a slug until the coffee kicks in.

If you’re that way too, guess what? You get to choose which way your day will go.

As you’re waiting for the coffee to get ready, spend a few minutes in meditation or journaling or both – you’ll set yourself up for success before the first cup of coffee!

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!

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