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At the Center for Workplace Happiness, our mission is to decrease the suicide rate in the veterinary community. 

There...we said it. You might not know it, and that's OK - most people don't.

The suicide rate among veterinarians, veterinary technicians and other support staff is far higher than suicide rates in other fields. There are a lot of reasons and it's our goal to help at-risk individuals manage their stress, and educate everyone in the veterinary community about how to spot at-risk people. You'll see courses here that are designed to promote mental wellbeing, emotional stability, teamwork and mutual respect and support. These courses, many of which contain the word "happy" or "happiness" in their titles, contain powerful tools participants can begin using right away to create more success and stability in their lives as well as in their hospitals. 

At the Center for Workplace Happiness, the programs we create are based in neuroscience, neuroplasticity and positive psychology. While science is the basis for the tools participants learn to use, the courses are fun, engaging and filled with stories, science and substantiated tools.

Our Program Director, Sandy Weaver, is a dog-lover, dog-sports enthusiast and dog show judge in her spare time. Her working relationship with her veterinarian, Rebecca Kestle, DVM, drives her passion for all vets and their teams. 

The organization Not One More Vet, Inc. is a non-profit that we at the Center for Workplace Happiness happily support. Your support of our mission also supports Not One More Vet, Inc.'s mission to assist veterinarians in crisis.

Are you a veterinarian?

How Many Hats Do You Wear?

How Many do You Want to Wear?

If you’ve been thinking about following AVMA guidance where a well-being program is concerned but are up to your eyeballs in patient care, staff drama, business headaches, and chasing that unicorn called "work/life balance" there’s hope. There’s help. You don’t have to do it all. Sandy Weaver is an AVMA certified Workplace Wellbeing expert. She’ll work with you to craft exactly what your hospital needs to thrive!


Thank you Sandy! I've been working on being more resilient in how I train and then send my employees off to do their work. It's really nice to have a framework in which to work from.

Ken Dylan, National Association for Professional Pet Sitters

Storytelling and animation really connected with the audience. You are so warm and inclusive - thank you!

- Gillian Angliss, DVM

I appreciated learning the happiness toolbox strategies. Hearing the stories reminded me I’m not alone. I plan to start mastering the rainstorm after that inspiring session.

Destiny Evans, Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinarians' stress is unique - we understand and are here to help.

Though what we teach is useful information for anyone who wishes to be more successful, at the Center for Workplace Happiness our focus is on the veterinary field. Stress unaddressed too often leads to a feeling of helplessness, then hopelessness, then a decision that can't be taken back. Suicide is too prevelant among veterinarians and their teams. It's our goal to create resilience in those who give so much to others every day. Thank you for what you do - let's talk about how we can be of service to you.

As the world opens back up...

Teams still need training. 
Systems still need improving.
QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeepers still need to be trained and certified in every veterinary hospital.

And Sandy Weaver is dual-certified in virtual presentations, so you can be confident in the training you and your team receive. 

Just who is this Sandy Weaver, anyway?

  • Award-winning author, trainer and speaker
  • Citizen-scientist in the fields of neuroplasticity, positive psychology and neuroscience
  • Versed in adult learning theory – experienced in putting theory into practice to create effective sessions that maximize learning in a minimum time frame
  • Passionate advocate for veterinarians and their teams and ongoing donor to Not One More Vet, Inc.
  • Member of VetPartners, Inc., a non-profit association dedicated to serving the veterinary profession
  • Certified QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper instructor
  • Certified yoga and meditation instructor
  • AKC dog show judge with a passion for dogs and dog sports
  • A natural leader – past President of National Speakers Association Georgia, long-time Board member for the Georgia Canine Coalition, Past President of two educational non-profit associations, past Board member and Education Coordinator of a national educational non-profit association 

Leadership – yep.
Expertise – yep.
Experience – yep.

 Sandy Weaver truly is

The Veterinarians' ChampionTM


Let Sandy wear the "hospital wellbeing program creator" hat for you so you can concentrate on caring for your patients and clients!

Sandy Weaver in action...

Here are a few times that Sandy's been featured on virtual meetings, so you can get a feel for her ability to connect virtually. 

This first video is with TEDx Dupree Park. They don't allow video embedding, so click here to catch Sandy's segment on their program.

Have you heard the wonderful podcast, Raising Your Paws? Host Susan Frank invited me to be part of her show, which you can find here. If you have time, listen to the whole show. If you want to jump to the Happy Vet Happy Pet segment, it begins at 9:48.

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