Is Your Team Wagalicious?

Don't they deserve to be?

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What the What is "Wagalicious?"

So glad you asked!

Wagalicious is an attitude and a mindset...
Wagalicious is how a top-winning show dog looks and behaves...
Wagalicious is how your dog acts when you walk through the door, no matter how long you've been gone!

Wagalicious is how a team feels and works together when they like and respect each other! 

When you feel wagalicious, you feel confident, capable, and maybe even a bit capricious!

When your team feels wagalicious, they are happier, more cooperative, and work together better than ever!

Now don't you want some wagalicious in your life?


As a professional speaker and trainer, Sandy Weaver has worked with audiences of all sizes for years.

Her wagalicious training programs have informed and entertained participants in many different professions, 

with a focus on veterinary teams and others in animal-related industries. 

Thank you Sandy! I've been working on being more resilient in how I train and then send my employees off to do their work. It's really nice to have a framework in which to work from.

Ken Dylan, National Association for Professional Pet Sitters

Storytelling and animation really connected with the audience. You are so warm and inclusive - thank you!

- Gillian Angliss, DVM

I appreciated learning the happiness toolbox strategies. Hearing the stories reminded me I’m not alone. I plan to start mastering the rainstorm after that inspiring session.

Destiny Evans, Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine

Just who is this Sandy Weaver, anyway?

  • Award-winning author, trainer and speaker
  • Former career major-market radio personality
  • Citizen-scientist in the fields of neuroplasticity, positive psychology and neuroscience
  • Versed in adult learning theory – experienced in putting theory into practice to create effective sessions that maximize learning in a minimum time frame
  • Passionate advocate for veterinarians and their teams and ongoing donor to Not One More Vet, Inc.
  • Member of IVPA, a non-profit association dedicated to supporting and promoting independent,
    locally owned and operated veterinary practices
  • Certified QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper instructor
  • Certified yoga and meditation instructor
  • AKC dog show judge with a passion for dogs and dog sports
  • A natural leader – past President of National Speakers Association Georgia, long-time Board member for the Georgia Canine Coalition, Past President of two educational non-profit associations, past Board member and Education Coordinator of a national educational non-profit association 

Leadership – yep.
Expertise – yep.
Experience – yep.

 Sandy Weaver truly is

The Veterinarians' ChampionTM


Let Sandy bring her wagalicious training to your team for you so you can concentrate on caring for your patients and clients!

Books by Sandy Weaver - get them on this site or at

Happy Vet Happy Pet - Caring for Your Pet's Caregiver - in this book, pet owners will discover who their veterinarian is, how stressed they are and why, how pet owners create more stress without meaning to and how to be the best client ever.

The Original MBA - Succeed in Business Using Mom's Best Advice - this award-winning book is part how-to and part memoir. Using stories from her life, Sandy illustrates how her mom's wisdom is as applicable in business life as it is in everyday life.

Create a Revenue River - this small ebook is an extension of Sandy's love of audio production and also of ensuring that information is presented so the maximum audience is reached with it and helped by it.

Happiness Recipe - co-written with friend and humorist June Cline, this book is filled with interviews of influential people sharing their "recipe" for success. 

Happiness is an Inside Job - this tiny book is designed to go anywhere with you and provide a happiness tool or two on a tough day.

If you're a veterinarian or hospital manager, this part is just for you!

Though what we teach is useful information for anyone who wishes to be more successful, at the Center for Workplace Happiness our focus is on the veterinary field. Stress unaddressed too often leads to imposter syndrome and burnout. It's our goal to teach evidence-based resilience tools to those who give so much every day. Thank you for what you do - let's talk about what we can do for you.

If you’ve been thinking about training for your team to help them work better together, but you're up to your eyeballs in patient care, staff drama, business headaches, and chasing that unicorn called "work/life balance" there’s hope. There’s help. You don’t have to do it all. Let's craft some fun, interactive, wagalicious training that's exactly what your team needs to thrive! 


The past few years have seen a new way to train your team...

In-person training is wonderful, and sometimes it's not possible to get everyone together.

No worries...Sandy delivers wagaliciously whether in person or virtually!

  • Live, engaging and fun 
  • Effective use of your time and resources
  • Recorded so your team can go back for refreshers as needed

Sandy Weaver is dual-certified in virtual presentations, so you can be confident in the training you and your team receive. 


Sandy Weaver's Wagaliciousness in action...

The video above is part performance, part testimonial, and part biography. Give it about 8 minutes and you'll get to know Sandy pretty well. 

Here's Sandy with TEDx Dupree Park. Click here to catch Sandy's segment on their program.

Join Susan Franks and me on Raising Your Paws, which you can find here. If you want to jump to the Happy Vet Happy Pet segment, it begins at 9:48.

Ready to create some wagaliciousness?

Reach out now for an in-person or virtual learning experience your team will never forget!

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Wagalicious Courses - Another Option for You and Your Team

What you do is important, and your team is vital to your success. When your team isn't happy...well, you know! Center for Workplace Happiness has on-demand courses designed to help your team be wagalcious, freeing you to do your best work.  

Head over to our Success Tools page and help yourself to what you need!

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