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Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites

Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites

Hosted by: Sandy Weaver

If you have 90 seconds, you can fuel up on a tiny bite of wellbeing wisdom. C'mon - grab a tiny bite!!

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Do You Save Things for Special Occasions? - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Are you the kind of person who saves things for special occasions? You were gifted a beautiful, expensive watch and it lives in the jewelry cabinet? You have your grandma’s china and only use it at the holidays? You...
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Are You Having a Bad Day? - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Have you ever gotten out of bed and just wanted to crawl back in? Yeah, those days don’t feel very good. There are days where you feel like you could take on the whole world and sweet-talk them into getting along, and...
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Do You Know You are a Changeling? - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Have you ever stopped to think about how much you’ve changed throughout your life? Probably not, because we feel the continuity of our own being, not the changes we go through. You don’t have the same opinions about...
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Are You Harming Those You Love? - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

You are a loving, caring person. You fiercely protect those in your inner circle – family, close friends – and you’re there when they need you. Maybe you even relish the challenge of being the knight in shining armor...
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Do You Own It or Does It Own You? - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Today let’s talk about possessions. No, I’m not going to extoll the virtues of a minimalist life because that would be hypocritical. I have collections of arctic art. Collections of seashells. Collections of rocks...
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Are You Enabling Your Dreams or Decapitating Them? - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

What do you aspire to in your life? Chances are you’ve hit a bunch of goals as you’ve lived your life, and you still have things you want to do, and dreams you yearn to have come true. What do you do on a daily basis...
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How to Build Boundaries Against a Verbal Bully - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Do you have a family member, friend, or coworker who argues with your feelings? Think about that for a minute – they argue with your feelings. How rude is that? When you open up and tell them how you feel and they say...
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Neurosciencing Your Way to a Better Day - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Are you having a rough day? Maybe it’s the kind of day that started out with a toothpaste drip on the last clean shirt in your closet. Maybe every light between home and work was red. Maybe it was pouring rain, you...
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Giving Up the Need to Buffer - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

A friend said to me recently that for all her adult life, she’s been the buffer between people she loves and the things or people that upset them. That statement made Mom spring immediately to mind – she was often the...
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Why It's Good to be a Softie - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Have you ever been told you’re soft-hearted, and the person saying it meant it as an insult? A lot of people believe that in order to succeed you must learn to be hard-hearted, maybe even a little bit ruthless. Those...
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Your Passive-Aggressive Co-Worker Needs You to Know This - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Someone you work with being passive aggressive? You know the drill…long silences, exaggerated eye rolls, and letting sarcasm drip from innocent-sounding words. Those are all clues that your co-worker wants you to know...
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Take Inventory of You Today - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Today I want you to take inventory. At some point today, give yourself 30 minutes for this exercise. Give yourself permission to focus strictly on you – close your door, or go outside and away from people, or surround...
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