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Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites

Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites

Hosted by: Sandy Weaver

If you have 90 seconds, you can fuel up on a tiny bite of wellbeing wisdom. C'mon - grab a tiny bite!!

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Being OK With Where You Are - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Are you impatient that you’re not where you thought you’d be at this point in your life? Maybe you assumed you’d have a higher-paying or higher-prestige job, or maybe you thought you’d have a home with 2.5 children...
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Dealing With a Difficult Plot Twist - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Have you ever been part of a conversation where you learned that the person you thought was a kindred spirit didn’t see things the way you thought they did? I was in a three-way conversation, discussing an ongoing...
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Feeling Small? Here's How to Amp Up Your Power - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Is there something that makes you feel small, or maybe even powerless? One of my not-optimal beliefs is that people who are creative can’t make money. I grew up hearing that creatives don’t have what it takes to be...
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The Pain of People-Pleasing - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Have you ever stopped and thought, “no matter what I do, someone’s going to be unhappy”? Most of us have…I sure have! I vividly remember the moment my people-pleasing self realized that people-pleasing is a dead end...
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Are Older People Really Kinder and Wiser? - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites

Are you emotionally intelligent? If you’re an older female, you have a much better chance of being able to say “yes” to that. Studies suggest that emotional intelligence increases with age, and in women, the increase...
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Are You Feeling the Vibe or Feeling Wet? - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

According to the late Bob Marley, some people feel the rain, and others just get wet. What did he mean by that? In a nutshell, some people are living in the moment, appreciating the experience, while others are...
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Do You Believe in Something? Yay, YOU! - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites

Today let’s examine faith. Whether your faith is in a higher power, in the power of love, or in yourself and your ability to persevere, faith is a wonderful human characteristic. Early research into how and where the...
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How to Not Fail at Caring - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites

I want to share a story about a time I failed three people at once. I was at a concert, walking past a low wall. People were sitting on the lawn at the top of the wall and as I passed by, a woman fell from the lawn to...
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Why do You Hate Yourself? - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites

When you think about your looks, what do you think? Do you think your nose is too big or your hair is impossible or your waistline is too round? Do you hide your body under long sleeves and long pants even in the...
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The Psychology of Streaks - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites

Do you play a game that counts your “streak?” And do you feel awful when you lose your streak? I play Wordle and remember how I felt when I failed to solve the puzzle on day 99 of a streak. It’s bad enough to fail on...
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How to Cope with a Bad Review - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites

In your work life, do you receive feedback from others? Now and then, does a piece of feedback sting? Yeah, me too. I recently spoke at a large conference. The audience was given an easy way to share their thoughts,...
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What About if the Catastrophe is Really an Opportunity? - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Has this ever happened to you? You were up for a promotion, you really wanted that promotion, and you didn’t get the promotion? How did you react? How did you feel? Disappointed, sure. Maybe a bit resentful – that...
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