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Why Vociferous People Argue - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Everyone has that one friend – the one who defends their position or belief vociferously.

I love that word, don’t you? They’re loud and persistent and unswayable in their belief and they don’t care who they have to shout down to make the point that they’re right. People think that person is soooo confident.

And people are wrong.

The loudest person in the room isn’t the most confident. Often the loudest person in the room is afraid, so they go on the offensive instead of having to defend their position. Often the loudest person in the room has been bullied, so they’ve learned bully behavior as a defensive mechanism. Often the loudest person in the room is actually afraid of what’s being discussed, so they want to get it out and get it over with.

Have compassion for the loudest person in the room. And maybe learn to smoothly and confidently defuse the conversation and change the subject.

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