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You're Probably Gutting Your Own Mental Wellbeing - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Did someone ever go through a door in front of you and let it close instead of holding it for you? Did someone ever cut you off in traffic? Did someone ever stand you up instead of showing up as planned?

How did you feel when any of these things happened? How do you feel about them now? Do memories of times like these take you right back to the irritation or anger you felt?

That’s on you, then. Yes, I said it – that’s on you.

People are people – fallible, and occasionally intentionally rude. It’s normal for you to feel upset in the moment, but when you dredge up old slights and go right back to those negative feelings you had at the time, you’re choosing to pick the scab off an old wound.

You can do better, and for your own peace of mind, you must do better. Learn to accept an apology you never got and move on.

The event is over – if it makes you feel bad to think about it, don’t. Find something wonderful to think or daydream about – that’s so much more fun!

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