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Don't Deny the Obvious Child- Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

Are you familiar with the old Paul Simon song, Obvious Child? In this song about moving towards the end of life, he sings, “Why deny the obvious, child.”

Yet we all do, right? Things change and we rail against the change. New things enter our lives and we gripe and grumble as we learn to work yet another new piece of software or technology.

It’s normal and very human to value and want to hold on to the status quo, and it’s also true that nothing ever stays the same. Like Paul Simon, can you embrace the inevitable? Why deny the obvious, child? Why deny the inevitable new?

The more you can roll with whatever life rolls at you, the easier and more fun your life can be.

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PPSS…here’s the official video for Obvious Child on YouTube:


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