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Are You Being a Knee-Jerk to Yourself? - Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites Podcast

When someone is staring at you, what’s your knee-jerk reaction?

  • Do you assume they’re judging you and their thoughts aren’t very flattering?
  • Do you assume that they’re some sort of weirdo with an unbalanced mind?
  • Maybe you feel fear of what they might be planning to do to you?

Did you notice that all of those reactions, while typical, focus on negativity? Negativity about the person, because you’re assuming they’re thinking badly about you. Negativity about yourself, because you’re assuming a less-than or a victimhood role.

Can you stop those thoughts and think better ones?

  • What if they’re admiring your pretty skin?
  • What if they are enjoying being in your good energy?
  • Maybe they’re taking mental notes of how to be as awesome as you.

No one else can think inside your head – if your thoughts don’t feel good, make a game of making them sound and feel better!

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