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Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites - Sensing a Pattern

Are you tethered by time?

Gravity ties us to the earth, and for many people, time tethers us to a schedule. And the way the brain works, once you’ve done the schedule long enough – for some people it’s two weeks, for others it could be up to 8 months – the brain latches onto that schedule like it’s a new religion. We call it “creating a new habit” and in the brain it’s really creating a new pattern to run.

Brains love patterns because it allows them to focus on other things while running the pattern. What that means is that, just by creating a pattern, your brain tethers you to the time the pattern uses up. That’s why some people don’t take vacation days – it breaks the pattern, and that’s hard. That’s why some people can’t be spontaneous about going out with friends – it breaks the pattern.

Take some time today to think about the patterns your brain runs and whether you’d really rather have some of that time back for other things. Get intentional about the time you spend running patterns.

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