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Getting from Sad to Glad


Do you feel a little sad today? It happens to the best of us – me, too sometimes, and when I’m sad I just whine a little bit. And then I remember that it’s more fun to run than to whine and I take off, bunny-butting through the house up the stairs over the back of the couch and Mom opens the back door and let’s me runrunrun in the yard. Pretty soon I’m panting and happy and back inside ready for a nap. If you feel sad, you could runrunrun, too – or maybe dancedancedance or do yoga for a few minutes or take a walk outside. Even just a little bit of exercise helps you go from sad to feeling pretty darn good. And feeling pretty darn good is better than feeling sad any day of the week.

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!


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