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Is Your Life Wagalicious? Don't You Want it to Be?

What the heck is that?

So glad you asked!

Wagalicious is how your dog acts when you walk through the door, no matter how long you've been gone!

Wagalicious is an attitude and a mindset...

Wagalicious is how a confident, successful, happy person looks and behaves...

When you feel wagalicious, you feel confident, capable, and maybe even a bit capricious.

If you wish you could be as contented as your purring cat...

If you wish you could be as happy as your wriggly, wagging dog...

Then you need to be part of the Wagalicious Life Online Community!

Hi...I'm Sandy Weaver, inviting you to come and play with me!

Wagalicious is a word I made up while in a coaching mastermind session. It's the perfect word to describe people who are happy, successful, confident, and fun. If that sounds like you, or maybe who you want to be, it's time for you to join the Wagalicious Life Online Community.

With my science nerd brain, comic book humor, and caring coach's heart, I created this community as a labor of love for you to play in.

Here's the love I'll shower on you - love of learning, love of teaching, love of connecting, love of inspiring, and especially the love of watching people succeed and flourish.

Mission accomplished - spreading wagaliciousness!

What is the Wagalicious Online Community Experience?

  • Interactive
  • Informative
  • Intelligent and fun!

You'll learn the skills needed to...

Be a better leader...

Be a clearer communicator...

Be a better teammate and partner...

Be the person companies want to retain and promote...

Be the confident, successful, wagalicious person you deserve to be!

What's Inside the Wagalicious Life Online Community?

So glad you asked!

We share life coaching, life skills, and life hacks so you can live your best, most wagalicious life each day.

The experience is like a closed Linked In or Facebook group on, accessible only by trusted members, except unlike social media closed groups, this one is on a platform where trolls and scammers don't hang out. You can easily access the group through an app on your phone or tablet, or a tab on your desktop browser!

What happens on the  WLOC playground? 

Like LI and FB, people can ask questions and answer questions any time, day or night, share their challenges and their successes, their pictures and videos, and build a supportive, caring network.

You'll also get:

Weekly mastermind sessions, focusing on your growth in the areas of leadership, communication, decision-making, dealing with difficult people and much more. As part of the community, you will help drive the topics based on what you want to learn! All sessions will be recorded and securely archived so you can visit or revisit them whenever you like.

Weekly challenges - fun ways to keep you focused on improving your skills while improving your results and your life.

Access to Center for Workplace Happiness on-demand training that will help you:

  • Succeed using clear communication;
  • Become an effective heart-centered leader;
  • Create the mental atmosphere for success;
  • Learn to reduce your own stress level;
  • Communicate like a radio rock star
 Here are the top problems faced in families and in workplaces:


  1. Arguing all the time
  2. Parenting decisions
  3. Work/life balance, especially where both adults work
  4. Family organization
  5. Communication styles and conflicts


  1. Dealing with change
  2. Inadequate or lack of clear communication
  3. Lack of job-related accountability among their peers
  4. Difficult clients/patrons
  5. Little/no meaningful recognition

Sound familiar? Most people I know are in both categories, so face both sets of problems on a daily basis.

You, too?

You're in good company, and when you're in the Wagalicious Life Online Community, you'll be in great company - with people who also yearn for better, clearer communication, room to grow personally and professionally, and people who long to lighten up and enjoy their lives more.