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Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites - Kindergarten Wisdom

A colleague of mine was cleaning her office recently and ran across a box of childhood paperwork. She found something she’d done in kindergarten, a fill-in-the-blank sheet that the teacher handed out. Her 5-year-old self loved having gym class, making things and defined happiness as “when somebody makes somebody else happy.”

Fast-forward to her grown-up self, and Christine often reminds audiences that “it’s good to have a good day, and it’s better when someone else has a good day because of you.”

The brain science backs that up – when you make someone else happy, witnessing their happiness, or even just thinking about it, boosts your happiness hormones, too. To have a better, more satisfying, more successful life, make at least one person happy each day. That guarantees that you’ll be happy each day, too.

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