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Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites - Feeling All the Feels on Purpose

Pop quiz… what are your feelings right this very moment? Contented? Irritated? Worried? Optimistic? Happy?

Seriously…examine how you feel, without creating any judgement around it. Notice your feelings, and then think about how often you might feel that same way. Does it feel normal to feel worried or irritated or optimistic or however you’re feeling? Do you like the feeling or would you rather feel better?

Brain imaging has shown us that you can change the way your brain is working for the better simply by choosing to feel better. Choosing to feel better can be tricky, though, because you have to be aware of how you feel in order to feel better.

Here’s the great news, though – you just now showed yourself how to tune into your feelings.

Can you do that several times a day until it becomes a habit? When you can tune into your feelings you can create a better atmosphere inside your head, inside your body and inside your life.

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