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Jumping Through Someone Else's Hoop


Do you try to live up to other peoples’ ideas of who you should be?

Sometimes Mom accidentally calls me Bonnie – that was the last red-head-Siberian she had. Oops!

If there’s someone in your life who expects you to behave, believe and achieve they way they want you to that’s probably causing you a lot of stress, whether you realize it or not. So before you jump through a hoop someone else thinks you should jump through, ask yourself if YOU want to jump through that hoop.

You have your own inner knowing of who you were born to be. You know what feels good to you and what doesn’t. You are you – the one and only you on the planet. You do you, and let that other person see and appreciate you for who you are.

I’m Kacey and I love veterinarians!


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