Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bite - How to Create More Great Days

Think about yesterday – how did you feel as it started and how did you feel at the end of the day? If you started the day feeling great and ended the day feeling great, yay! More commonly, maybe you started the day feeling good and you rode a roller-coaster of emotions as the day progressed. Hopefully the day ended with you feeling good – maybe accomplished because you rode the roller-coaster well, or maybe relieved because you were able to hang on for the ride.

If yesterday started well and ended with you feeling defeated or exhausted, examine your expectations for yourself.

Most of the days of your life will be filled with ups and downs, and it’s how you view them, how you react to them and how you feel about yourself as you ride those ups and downs that shapes how you experience your life. How do you want to experience your life?

To start and end most days feeling great, remember that you’re human. You will make mistakes, you will learn from those mistakes, and you will grow emotionally and intellectually because of those mistakes. Celebrate your mistakes and those feelings of defeat and exhaustion will ease right out of your life.

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