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Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites - Take That, You Compliment You!

Do you have a tough time accepting a compliment? Many people do – myself included! If your knee-jerk response when someone praises you for your looks, your outfit, your work, whatever, is to deflect the praise, try this instead: “thank you!”

Praise is the ultimate soul food – if you’re not in the habit of dishing it out, start today. Look for something to praise in people you interact with, either on a daily basis or casually. When you see someone with a great smile, tell them. When you’re at the gas station with someone who drives the same kind of car you do, tell them they have excellent taste in cars. When someone on your team shows initiative, praise them for it.

When you’re comfortable dishing out praise, you become more comfortable accepting it with those two simple words – “thank you!”

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