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Veterinarian Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites

Veterinarian Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites

Hosted by: Sandy Weaver

If you have 90 seconds, you can fuel up on a tiny bite of wellbeing wisdom. C'mon - grab a tiny bite!!

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Veterinary Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites - Putting Blinders on Your Brain

What do you think about on the way home from the hospital? Are you focused on the drive or ruminating over the day’s challenges? Are you beating yourself up over a decision you made or anticipating a lovely...
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Veterinary Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites - Zack Bissell DVM

Today’s Tiny Bite of wellbeing wisdom is from Dr. Zack Bissell, who practices in Jacksonville, FL at Coastal Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Bissell’s advice for other veterinarians is to trust your gut when working up a...
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Veterinary Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites - It Takes Two

Is it more important to you that you win an argument or that you feel good? Most of life teaches us it’s important to be right, so when spats, arguments or even civilized differences of opinions crop up it’s easy to...
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Veterinary Wellbeing Wisdom Tiny Bites - Rebecca Kestle DVM

Today’s Tiny Bite of wellbeing wisdom is from Dr. Rebecca Kestle, owner of Cliftwood Animal Hospital in Sandy Springs, GA. You’re going to make mistakes – don’t beat yourself up about them. Learn from them, and take...
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Your Funny Crazy Absurd Life

Is your life funny-crazy sometimes? Sometimes life is absurd – strange things happen that shouldn’t be able to happen, and sometimes you are present enough to see it. Enjoy the ridiculousness of life…when you’re in...
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Dealing With a Difficult Client

Got a client coming in today that you dread seeing? Maybe they’re difficult, or maybe they’re a close-talker, or maybe they just don’t know when it’s time to leave? When you know you have to spend time with someone...
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Whose Drum are You Dancing To?

Do you try to live up to other peoples’ ideas of who you should be? If there’s someone in your life who expects you to behave, believe and achieve the way they want you to that’s probably causing you a lot of stress,...
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Who Popped Your Balloon?

Did someone pop your balloon today? Did your day start off well and then someone did something so bad that you just can’t find your fun self? Try this – is there anything you can do, right this minute, to make that...
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What Worry Really Is

Do you worry a lot? Seriously, if you worry a lot, what you’re really doing is using your incredible imagination to create something you don’t want. And remember when I told you that your brain can’t tell the...
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What Do You Do For You?

What have you done for yourself today? Do you have something you do for yourself every morning, like maybe meditate for 15 minutes or read something inspirational or journal for a few minutes? You are worth making an...
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The Weird Think About "What If"

Do you “what if” yourself? The weird thing about “what if” is that it doesn’t do anything except make you confused, regretful and if you skipped lunch and are regretting it now, maybe a little bit hungry. When you...
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The Secret to a Great Day

How do you feel when you get up in the morning? Some people are rarin’ to go – some as slow as a slug until the coffee kicks in. Full disclosure - I'm that second one! If you’re that way too, guess what? You get to...
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