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Happy Vet Happy Pet introduces you to who veterinarians are at their most basic level, helps you understand the extreme stresses of their career and how you can make a difference in their life.

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Happy Vet Happy - 10 copies

Get the book that will change your relationship with your veterinarian forever - and could just save their life!

What you'll get:

  • Ten physical copies
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When you purchase books to give to veterinarians, libraries, fanciers or whoever your recipient is, you'll be saving the lives of people you may never meet. You'll be creating better veterinary clients and making a difference for those clients' veterinarians. Thank you for caring!

Note - Center for Workplace Happiness is a regular contributor to Not One More Vet, Inc., an organization dedicated to ending veterinary suicide. We're proud to support the work they do for veterinarians.

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Praise for Happy Vet Happy Pet

If you've had dogs and cats for as long as I have, you've probably known a veterinarian who completed suicide. I've known two. If you haven't experienced such loss, you probably will—but not if Sandy Weaver can help it. She has made it her mission not only to prevent suicide but also to improve the relationship between veterinarians and those whose animals are in their care. In spite of the serious subject matter, this is a remarkably positive, sometimes even cheerful, book. Highly recommended.

Susan Conant, author

This is an amazing book and should be handed out with every adoption. Being a pet parent is serious (and sometimes expensive) business and too often the vet pays the price when owners can’t face that reality. This book is engaging and informative. Sandy Weaver manages to educate without ‘talking down’ to the reader yet presents rough concepts in an understandable and embraceable way. It’s a short read and some parts may make you gasp or cry but it is an essential read for those who want a good life for their pets (and by extension their vets). Read this then share this, the message in this book IS lifesaving. And bonus … it may change your life and how you see your world too. Seriously, read this book.

Sandie Waterman

Chapter Six alone will change your life and COULD save another--your vet. Yes, Sandy Weaver's entire book is AWEsomely well written with beautifully told heart warming and funny stories of her 40 year ownership and love for Siberian Husky's. But Chapter Six is specific with how to "care outloud," to "open your heart" and your ears to "hear what might sound like a cry for help--because it is." Two suggested phrases I can hear myself using is "You seem really upset. Can you tell me what's going on? And, "Seems the weight of the world is on your your shoulders...I'm a good listener." But wait--there is sooo much more. Sandy has taken her love for her beloved breed of choice and twisted it heart side out to save those who save our four legged loves inside our hearts. Do you see what she did right there? You will when you read Happy Vet, Happy Pet: Caring For Your Pet's Caregiver. I highly, highly recommend this book. You could save your Vet. And, what a gift for them! I'm taking mine one of Sandy's books tomorrow as I fetch more food for our four-legged fur baby.

June Cline

Who would have ever thought that the bright, empathetic, wonderful woman that cares for my dog Dude comes from a profession that has such high suicide rates. It's shocking and yet this book gives you tools to truly be able to help save a life. Easy to read. Great examples. A must for pet lovers everywhere. I now keep a card in my wallet in the event I can help to save a life. I highly recommend this book!!!

Kelly Vandever

I just finished listening to "Happy Vet Happy Pet" and am now listening to Sandy Weaver's "Original MBA - Succeed in business using Mom's Best Advice" (Both books are read by Sandy. I was so impressed with "Happy Vet", that I couldn't wait to get into another one of her books!). Sandy shares why this unique niche of miracle workers has a high rate of depression and suicide. Sandy Weaver is a 'Happiness' expert and has deep knowledge of how our brains work, and shares how we can lead a happier and more productive life. Sandy is a fabulous writer and has a delightful voice to listen to. I have, and still am, thoroughly enjoyed/enjoying her books. Sandy's combination of storytelling, humor and life lessons are insightful, compelling, and so authentic.

Laura Davidson

This book is very thought provoking in terms of understanding your veterinarian's day in day out journey to provide your pet with the very best care. Additionally, the reader is given ideas, that we as clients, can do to make our visits more beneficial to our animals and more positive for our vets. Thanks you Ms. Weaver for bringing a new perspective to what we can do to assist in getting the best veterinary care for our furry friends.

Connie Delaney

I read this book cover to cover the day it arrived! It brings to the front an awareness of how our vets and their staff are emotionally and physically impacted by every pet and pet owner that walks through their doors. Sandy had me seeing what the vet sees. The knowledge and enlightenment in this book has had me think differently of how I interact with people who are there to help me. I have consciously changed my reaction to two potentially difficult interactions with service people since reading Sandy's book. Though the interactions weren't with my vets, Sandy's book definitely changed me and how I reacted to the situations for the better. I recommend this book to everyone who has pets.

Pam Buswell