How to Show Your Dog to Championship Success and Beyond

Want to feel and look more confident and competent in the show ring?

Don't want to slog through a whole book to find the information you need?

This ebook is for you! 

111* tips, organized into 7 chapters:

  1. Basics
  2. Ring Theory
  3. Take it to the Show
  4. Pre-Ring Preparation
  5. In the Ring
  6. After Your Time in the Ring
  7. Continuing Education

Learn new things, be reminded of things you have forgotten, and get show handling tips from a dog-show judge* with over 40 years in purebred sports.

You get instant access to 111* nuggets of wisdom designed to help you have more success when you step into the ring with your dog.

You'll download a 127-page PDF that looks great whether you're viewing it on the phone, a tablet, or your laptop or desktop. 

Ready to win more? Showing dogs is an art - this tip ebook is your paint-by-number set!

*I'm the author, Sandy Weaver, owned by Siberian Huskies and a Standard Poodle. I've been in dog sports for 40+ years and judging for more than a decade. 111 was the original number of tips. As I wrote this book, more tips popped into my head so it's not 111 anymore. It's more...lots more!

What People Are Saying:

I have taken many conformation classes to prepare my dogs for the ring. It’s always hard to remember all the great tips in class. I am so happy to finally have a book with all the information in one place and at my fingertips. This book is a must have for those just starting out or those that may just need a refresher.

Jen Baker

Your book is terrific. Lots of useful, easy to access information for people new to showing—and good reminders for those who have been in dogs for a while.

Julie Lux

Thoroughly enjoyed the read. I loved it, actually!

MH Allen

While I am not a new exhibitor and I've been in my breed for most of life, I ordered this book and loved it! I read all of it from beginning to end as soon as I got it. So well written and funny too! Lots of good tips for anyone who shows! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Lee Anne Francis

I LOVE IT!!! So positive, wonderful pictures and concise information.

Earlene Winn CCMT CCFT

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